Ranking EVERY Plants vs. Zombies 2… Plant

It’s about dang TIME am I right? I made a tier list of EVERY Plant in the first Plants vs. Zombies game a couple months ago and have FINALLY decided to start ranking the second game.

Who would you wanna see in the next one? And are you excited to see me rank the zombies too?

Special shout out to @therealchoopo for going above and beyond on the cameo appearance. He even got my BOY framed on the wall!

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0:00 Intro
1:12 Plants
2:15 Bloomerang
3:12 Iceberg Lettuce
3:44 Bonk Choy
4:24 Snapdragon
4:57 Power Lily
5:26 Coconut Cannon
6:06 Spring Bean
6:26 Chili Bean
7:05 Lightning Reed
7:31 Pea Pod
8:15 Laser Bean
8:52 Citron
9:15 E.M.Peach
9:40 Infi-nut
10:25 Magnifying Grass
11:19 Tile Turnip
12:02 Sun Bean
12:53 Pea-nut
13:26 Bowling Bulb
14:08 Homing Thistle
14:40 Guacodile
15:26 Banana Launcher
16:12 Enlighten-mint
16:58 Kiwibeast
17:34 Pokra
18:10 Bamboo Spartan
18:46 Solar Sage
19:34 Imp Pear
20:36 Puffball
21:22 Pyre Vine
22:49 Sundew Tangler
23:52 Final Rankings

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