Ratshit Weasels Official Video

Directed by Derek Frey
Music video for the first single from the Professor T. and the East Side Shredder’s 2020 EP: Ratshit Weasels
available here:


A jammy power-trio record with killer grooves, great playing and biting lyrics. Previously, when making a record, Trever would have all the songs written, demo’d and rehearsed prior to going into the studio. But, this time when the band got together at The Spider House studio in Volcano Hawaii he only brought some loose sketches: riffs, grooves, chord progressions and a few lyrics. The actually song forms took shape while the band jammed and recorded in the studio, imparting a great free and spontaneous feel to the tracks.

Lyrically the ep includes themes of injustice and power to the people. The band could not have known that this record would be released during a time of such civil unrest, but these songs were inspired by those same atrocities that inspired thousands to take to the streets.

All proceeds for the sale of this record will go to: NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.

released June 16, 2020

Professor T & the East Side Shredders:
Trever Veilleux guitar & vocals
Jesse Shaternick bass
Zach Var drums

Music: Veilleux, Shaternick, Var
Lyrics: Veilleux
Paisley Moon Songs © 2020

Recording Engineer: Rob Abe
Studio: The Spider House, Volcano Hawaii

Mix engineer: Trever Veilleux @ 42nd St. Sound, Keaau Hawaii
Art and Design: Gardner De Aguiar

Gunga Records 202005 © 2020
all rights reserved

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