Scrunkly Drawing MY FRENS!

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Out of all the VTuber Mario Paint Gameplay, this is one of them!

❀About me❀
Aistoatsu! My name is Veni Okojo, your local rhythm and action loving stoat VTuber!

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1. Please be 18+. I’m not a lewdtuber, but I do tend to talk about adult things and swear, so don’t make it weird.
2. No doxxing or asking for any personal/irl info from me.
3. Don’t be rude to me or other stoatbros, which also includes discriminatory behavior. Let’s keep the vibes fun and friendly!
4. Please try not to bring up serious topics such as religon/politics/irl issues.
5. Do not try to backseat me unless I explicitly ask for help. I know what I’m doing…for the most part. :p
6. No bringing up other streamers/vtubers unless I bring them up first. This also applies to any self promotion, don’t do that.
7. I am an English Vtuber, so please just use English in the chat.
8. Please do not break any parasocial boundaries or try to solicit anything beyond just a livestream viewer.

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Art: #veniscribbles
Memes: #sillystoat

Mama (Live2D Art): 8
Papa (Live2d Rigging): a
Overlays: s
Logo: b

Music used:

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