Shooting Times shoot bolting rabbits over ferrets

With another shooting season over, vast tracts of land open up for the ferreting community. Simon saw this as the perfect opportunity to get Ed and Patrick out of the office and into Simon’s for the day. Shooting bolting rabbits over ferrets can be as much a mental discipline as much as a physical one. Patrick has done this before but this was to be Ed’s first day on the warrens. Safety was paramount as bolting rabbits, errant ferrets and people moving about has the ability to unnerve the safest of shots.

Simon was only using five ferrets in these large warrens in a bid to trickle out the bolting rabbits as opposed to having one mass bolt of two or more rabbits. This would give the guns a better chance of success. Patrick and ed both had plenty of shooting, as did Simon and at the end of the day a couple of carriers full marked the end to a fantastic day in Essex.

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