Slay Sunday: Expanding The Standings Of Clan Chim Weasels On Bannerlord!!!

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Monster Feast is a horror short film produced by our very own Ragnar
Monster Feast is headed to 8 horror film festivals and needs our help to get there
This is a huge step in the direction to get one of our own winning major awards in the horror category
Monster Feast will have a private screening with me (chim chim) for everyone of my followers that back the film just put your confirmation in the general chat of our discord
Check out my badass monster badge I got for supporting the film, You can get one too by supporting the film. Hit the link below and show our tribe some support!


Charlie’s Youtube channel:

Cinematic YouTube Channel

Myth And Legends Mod For Rome 2
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Backseat Generals:
Joe Onit YT channel: g

Ellington YT channel: Q

Gorm Miolneer YT Channel: g

Meogron Mod:

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