Small But Feisty Weasels In Action All Around The World

Weasels are sneaky and fast, and they come in small packages. If they want something, they will do everything they can to get it. When they’re on the hunt, once they have identified their prey, they target it and go for the kill, and they are more often than not, successful. Have you ever seen a weasel challenge a cat? What about a rabbit twice its size? If you want to see weasels in action, keep watching, as we look at small but feisty weasels in action all around the world.

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Weasel Vs Lizard

Weasels are smart and skilled predators who hunt their prey at all hours of the day and night. Climbers, swimmers, and runners, they’ve got it all. Their long, slender bodies enable them to raid underground tunnels, track rodents into tight spaces, and wrap themselves around larger prey to keep them quiet. Weasels are scavengers who take advantage of opportunities.

They eat several times a day and store food for subsequent consumption. They’ll go after anything they can find. In this video, a weasel hunts an alligator lizard, and the lizard does everything it can to avoid the crazy weasel, but it’s almost impossible. In the end, the weasel kills and carries its prey back to its den.

Weasel Vs Heron

A man was at work cutting grass on a massive food production site hence the noise in the background. He had turned his mower off to hear the screams. He decided to film for a little bit, but when his co-workers were approaching, he decided to stop filming. However, when everyone left, the two animals were still going at, except the weasel looked lifeless in the beak of the heron.

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