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The wild stoats living in Ash Wood are mesmerising as they scale trees, scurry along paths and hunt animals twice their size. With the help of cameras hidden in this woodland I’ve captured their individual stories.

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Stoats (Mustela erminea)

Known as short-tailed weasels in the US, stoats are common animals, but thanks to their secrecy and speed, they are difficult to spot. My hidden cameras offer a rare opportunity to follow their wild and secret lives.


Although small in stature, stoats are fearless. Watch as the wild stoats in Ash Wood take on squirrels, rats, and even a buzzard! (For US readers this bird is similar to your hawk)

And playful

But although these animals are formidable hunters, they also have a playful side. Just watch as one scampers from tree to tree, just for the fun of it!

Stoats of Ash Wood

There are many stoats in Ash Wood, including an ermine (which has the capacity to turn white in winter), but I have identified two main characters: a dominant male and female – identifiable by the white spots around her nose. I’m hoping this means we get kits to follow this year!

Ash Wood

Ash wood is a wildlife habitat I developed specifically to attract wildlife. (Learn more: )


I am a British wildlife artist and filmmaker on a mission to share my love for wildlife with the world. As well as creating detailed animal film and art portraits, I promote wildlife tours around the world and do all I can to help conserve and protect wildlife here at my home in Yorkshire. I hope that by putting nature in the frame I can foster a deep love for wildlife amongst my followers.

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