Stoat Hunts and Kills Rabbit in Murder in Herewood – Hunting Starts at 40 seconds

Jill Stoat kills Bugs Bunny in Murder in Herewood. Hunting Starts at 40 seconds

I’m not sure I’ll film a better video and get the hunt right in front of my eyes.

This shows when I first spotted the stoat on a shelf of the wall outside where I was sitting and just managed to get my camera out.

Not the greatest but it was the start so deserves to be shown and then she just appeared and didn’t mind me watching at all.

With the hunt I was lucky as just dished my dinner up and saw a rabbit running and then saw the stoat chasing behind.

Grabbed my nans phone as hers was more reliable than mine and managed to get the hunt and kill which was stoatally amazing.

And then as I’d spotted her hole a few days before and put the wildlife camera in front of it, managed to get her squeezing the body into what was a small hole.

There are more videos so please check them out.

Herefordshire is abundant in wildlife which is why I started Animals of Herewood as I have amassed quite a bit of footage where I am living just a few miles outside Hereford.

And with this being the year of Lockdown 2020, I should really put my time to good use and share the wonderful nature I’m lucky to have all around me.

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So how have you spent your time in lockdown?

I spent lockdown sef isolating with my nan in Herewood as she is 85 and doing well but as it was there, might as well use it.

An we always said it would make an ideal place to escape to if there ever was an apocalypse and this is the nearest I hope we get to one.

So me an her and our two dogs who are brother went to Herewood to get away from Covid.

My uncle who bought and renovated Herewood from a derelict cottage in the early 70’s when he was in the SAS died early 2020 at 86 as all being well Herewood will stay in the family and I can carry on filming.

He was in the SAS for 28 years and worked in a civilian capacity at the base for many more years and was an amazing fella who wouldn’t tell us very much at all about his adventures and what he got up to.

He had dementia and cancer in the end and I helped care for him but he went in his own bed in his own cottage and never stepped foot in a care home and had many near misses that could of finished him off many times before.

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RIP Clancy

Stoat kills rabbit ten times its size

Stoat Hunting a Rabbit

Stoat v Rabbit

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