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Take a look at this stoat as it slides across a frozen pond. There’s no doubt this mustelid is enjoying the feel of the slippery surface beneath its paws – we could even say the stoat is skating.

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Stoats are playful

Stoats are such playful creatures there is no doubt that this one is having a lark. I have also filmed stoats bouncing on a trampoline in my garden and tumbling down the steps to my house – just for fun. Watch this one go wild on my kids’ trampoline s

The perfect stoat habitat

I turned my garden into an ideal stoat habitat just so that I could watch them for my paintings. I’ve built stone walls with hidden chambers where they can nest and bring up their young and have even dug ponds especially for them – since these animals love to swim, and, as it also turns out, to skate!

Stoat cameras

I film all the action on cameras hidden throughout my Yorkshire garden. This skating stoat clip was taken on one overlooking a pond made from an old cattle trough and so popular with the stoats here it is known as ‘Stoat Trough’.

Bandita the stoat

The matriarch of my stoat family is known as Bandita. She’s a very special stoat mum and has even featured on TV, in an hour long documentary by BBC’s Natural World. Right now she has turned white for winter. Her winter coat, known as ermine, is great to see.

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