Stoats ( Animals in swimming pools) Stoat – Baby Stoat rescued from the pool ( Swimming Stoats)

Stoats ( Animals in swimming pools) Stoat – Baby Stoat rescued from the pool ( swimming Stoats)

Today I saw an animal swimming in our pool and on closer inspection discovered a baby stoat swimming lengths – Stoats are part of the weasel family and against my better judgement I rescued the stoat from the pool.

Stoats (Mustela erminea) are members of the mustelid family. Weasels and ferrets are also mustelids.

I say against my better judgement because a Stoats favoured food is rabbit and as Naomi and I have just started breeding rabbits for meat saving the stoat might bring us problems in the future.

A stoat will also eat lizards, birds and small rodents.

I guess I am a softy at heart and had to help the baby stoat playing in the pool and trust in my measures of making our rabbit hutches Stoat proof.

Killing a cute baby stoat simply was not an option – we live in the countryside and what with wild cats, stoats and other carnivores its just down to us to protect our livestock by physical barriers.

I love nature and it would be against my principals to do anything else apart from rescue the baby stoat ( Not sure how I would have reacted if it was an adult stoat!)

Over the years we have rescued many animals in our swimming pool from voles, lizards and frogs.

I hope you enjoyed this short video on finding the animal in our swimming pool – Stoats are lovely creatures but please don’t come back again when you’re older!


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