Stoats Are Extremely Adorable

This video gives a basic explanation about stoats then goes more indepth on their special abilities. #shorts

Hello, I am Professor Pumpkin and I am a new youtuber working focusing primarily on Youtube Shorts. My favorite content usually involves cute animals doing cute things. So I plan to focus my content in that regard such as cute dogs, cute cats,or just wholesome content involving animals in general. It seems my channel has gotten a lot of popularity off of bird videos, specifically a cute owl video I made called “The Three Types of Owls”. Some animal videos get a little chaotic though so I hope you’re prepared! Here’s a little more information about me!

What is my primary focus with Youtube Shorts:

My youtube shorts usually are me commentating, reacting, or talking about something. Sometimes I am reacting to reddit content and making reddit youtube shorts or some along those lines. However, I am trying to get into many different types of shorts.

About me:
My favorite animals are probably kittens or cats. I really want to have a cat especially whenever I am watching youtube shorts and see cute cat videos in my feed. I try to create a relaxing atmosphere in my content. Some people compared my voice to Asmr lol. Trying to create a happy, wholesome and relaxing atmosphere is my goal. I want my videos to be relaxing and wholesome to enhance the viewing experience for my viewers. Also, I call dogs doggos a lot so be careful. That reminds me of this one youtube short with dogs and puppies I found so cute I think you should check out. That video was called “Dogs Jumping Rope are So Cool“.
Prior Experience:
Before working on this channel I wanted to originally make a reddit reaction youtube shorts channel. I decided against it because Reddit content is so saturated on Youtube shorts so I am going for a relaxing and calming vibe with animal videos. I remember just reading reddit threads was quite boring so I decided against it and I enjoy cute cat, puppy, dog, birds and other animal videos much more enjoyable to watch. Reacting to animal videos and making commentary youtube shorts on animals is much more enjoyable than commentary reddit shorts. I also saw Reddit shower thoughts were really popular so I made a satirical mocking of that concept, but ended up privating the video. The youtube reddit shorts hack is real. I feel like youtube shorts are the secret to getting subscribers and views on youtube and so far it seems successful. Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a wonderful day :D. Also, can’t forget the calming music the main song used in my videos is this />Tags relevant to almost every video I upload:
Tags: #shorts #wholesome #cute #animals

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