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This stoat is beginning to turn white for winter. The first bit of fur to change colour is on its tail just above the black tip. Can you spot it?

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Stoat in Ash Wood

My wildlife cameras captured this stoat as it explored a box I built for little owls in Ash Wood. The band of white just above the black tip to its tail is a sign that it is beginning its magical transition to white.

Ermine stoats

This is a rare occurance here in Yorkshire, where stoats normally stay chestnut brown all year long. But the ability to turn white is believed to be inherited and many of the stoats here are related to Bandita, an ermine stoat whose story I have followed closely.

Turning white

The transition to white is triggered by shorter days and cold weather. I have spent some time charting this fascinating transition. You can read more about it here: /


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