The Real Weasels of YouTube

—is an effort to catalogue all least weasel, common weasel, stoat (short-tailed weasel) and longtailed weasel sightings featured on Youtube, while ignoring the ferrets, polecats, badgers, mink, pine martens, beech martens, sables, fishers, otters, other mustelidae I forget at the moment, as well as pets named “Weasel”—not to mention other (sometimes disturbing) videos that get in the way of an honest search for weasels.

We would like your help in finding these rare videos. If you have come across a weasel or stoat you have not seen in our playlists, please post a link to it in the comments! We just ask you follow a few simple guidelines:

* No dead weasels: No taxidermy, no roadkill, no rotting corpses. Exceptions are weasels caught in a deadly struggle for their life ( Because of the nature of predator animals, other dead animals will be allowed. It’s just that these playlists are mainly to see these animals LIVING (however briefly).

* Try to stay away from montages and still images, especially ones with abrasive sound or kaleidoscopic visuals. Exceptions are documentary-style videos: ( />
* Any language is fine. Non-English videos are usually rarer and harder to find anyway! Harsh language is also to be expected, as the people filming these animals may have a few things to say about what they’re seeing.

And, that should be it! Rest of what we have to say is in the video, basically.

For anyone interested in the book referenced at the end: 1

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