Top 5 WORST Pet Frogs and 5 BETTER Options You’ve Never Heard Of!

Frogs make great pets! But what are the worst frogs for beginners and the better options that make for easier captive frogs? These 5 are the cats meow! Anyway, off to watch Squid Game with my dart frogs!

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What is your favorite frog to keep as a pet? Do you think some frogs make better pet amphibians than others for beginner frog keepers? These 5 worst amphibians actually have better options and here they are. The Purple frog for example, from India is an amazing looking species but they hide so often, are so hard to find and overall do not make the best cold blooded pets. A white’s tree frog on the other hand is much easier to keep, easier to find and cheaper too. Dumpy Tree Frogs make excellent pet frogs! Malayan Horned frogs or sometimes called leaf frogs are maybe the coolest frog on the planet but these big toad looking frogs do not make the best pets for beginner amphibian keepers for many reasons. A better and more common option might be Pacman frogs. These colourful amphibians come in many morphs and colors but are much easier to keep! Indian Bullfrogs have the most amazing vocal sac color and their frog call is absolutely beautiful. However, these bullfrogs likely will be hard to find, hard to breed in captivity and overall a better option might be the African Bullfrog. Pixie frogs make amazing captives and their massive size and appetite is absolutely amazing and so fun to keep as a pet. Vietnamese Mossy Frogs also make cool looking frogs byt are very shy. Looking for a crazy looking frog that is out and about? Try an Amazon Milk Frog! These medium sized hoppy bois are so cool and look like Panda Bears! Hairy Frogs, or often called Horror Frogs are insane! These guys break bones, grow hair looking skin and really, aren’t great pets. Spanish ribbed newts maybe the best option here.


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