True Cost of Ferrets : REAL Owners Answer

Have you ever wondered what is the true cost of ferrets as pets?
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In this video I share my own personal experience, as well as numbers provided by ferret owners around the world. Let me know if the cost of ferrets surprises you!

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0:00 – Introduction
0:53 – How Much Do Ferrets Cost?
2:41 – How Much Do Ferret Cages Cost?
3:39 – How Much Do Ferret Toys and Accessories Cost?
4:42 – How Much Does Ferret Food Cost?
6:39 – How Much Does it Cost to Ferret Proof?
7:02 – How Much Does Ferret First Aid Cost?
7:59 – Total Upfront Ferret Costs
9:41 – Monthly Ferret Costs
10:26 – Ferret Vet Expenses

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