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Whisper and Stuart, the two tiny stoat kits I cared for this year, are now running free. With this brand new box set you can follow the full story of their journey to freedom in one sitting.

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The complete stoat series in one

Sit back and enjoy this video that follows the lives of these tiny stoats and their incredible journey from helpless kits, their eyes barely open, to the moment I release them into the wild.

Get to know the stoat characters

As the two stoat kits grew, their individual characters became apparent. Watch the series unfold as we discover that Stuart is actually a female and find out which of these playful stoats is the most adventurous.

Learn about stoat behaviour

Discover the unique characteristics and behavioural patterns of these little known mammals as you watch these stoat kits practise essential hunting skills as they tussle and tumble with one another

Discover the versatility of stoats

Learn how these slim creatures can manoeuvre into the smallest of spaces, are capable of extraordinarily nimble climbing skills and can even swim as you watch these two stoat kits explore the world bit by bit on their journey to freedom.


I am a British wildlife artist and filmmaker on a mission to share my love for wildlife with the world. As well as creating detailed animal film and art portraits, I promote wildlife tours around the world and do all I can to help conserve and protect wildlife here at my home in Yorkshire. I hope that by putting nature in the frame I can foster a deep love for wildlife amongst my followers.

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