Weasel Transformation (Animation)

Original creator: l

You can support this creator with their shinies donations system on their profile in furaffinity if seing this you might want to commission you can contact them on discord (Drigil#4307) or Transfur www.transfur.com/users/drigil

Before Adomm figured out her trick with momentarily turning a canvas’s tail into a blade to cleave right through fabric, this sort of thing happened to her many more times than she would have liked to admit. While it did serve to keep her subject in place, she has got a lot more class than to have to restrict herself to brute forcing it.

435 frames of animated glorious, with color and ground shadow, strung into a perpetual loop so you can just keep on watching it until either your computer’s power goes out, or you pass out from dehydration. Took me a couple months of scrounging free time and discovering new tricks to speed up the process and improve the flow. I do hope you enjoy.

The background was done by my good friend and excellent artistic talent, Proteon Proteon . Also a shout-out to Yoshigamer Yoshigamer for giving me a random character to do this to. Everything else was by yours truly, as usual.

This was made by Drigil there link is below but I notice that it isn’t finished for some odd reason oh well they did better than I could

Also I found the best thumbnail ever

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