Weasels, Badgers & Epic Dragons… It can only be Dice Heads! πŸ‰

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Bring the whole family together for fun and adventure with our family-friendly Zoontalis Battle Royale. Perfect for game nights and family gatherings, Zoontalis provides endless entertainment for players of all ages.

Battle with gangs of animal warriors through a variety of Zoontalis scenarios that’ll provide family entertainment for game nights. Easy to follow rules ensure everyone can enjoy the fun whilst providing a highly engaging creative adventure.

Can you defeat Artil the Great Fang in the new quest scenario?
Oh no! The most calamitous beast, has landed within your domain. And to make matters worse, he has kidnapped the most important member of your guild! Release your guild member and get them back to safety
0:05 Weasel Guild
0:16 Badger Guild
0:26 Dragonkin Guild
0:27 Fighter
0:36 Artil the Red Dragon
0:45 Epic Base Set
0:52 The Great Fang Scenario & Cards

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