Weasels Rip the Flesh!

I’m continuing this project of rummaging through my old recordings. Psykheart before Psykheart. This is a garage rock demo I made way back in 2009. I played in a band called Dread Rabbits and wrote this for us to play.

The track has two guitars, a bass, vocals plus a machine drum track from Boss Micro BR recorder I used for recording. I played the instruments one by one.

Weasels Rip the Flesh is a title stolen from two places. Besides the Zappa albums, it’s also a b-horror film. Parts of the lyrics come from the imdb synopsis for the film. The video is entirely made from clips of the movie. Blood and gore alert. Not for sensitive viewers. Maybe not sensible viewers either.

As for the rest of the lyrics: apparently I was mad at my tv for some reason. I felt I was fading into nothing because of staring into a screen too much. Luckily for all of us, times have changed and we’re now angry at our smartphones instead.

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