Weasels, Worms, and Wyverns | Advantage in Paradice | Season 2, Episode 20

Content Warning: This stream contains adult content, including extreme gore, discussions of mental health topics such as depression and suicide, and portrayals of horror, which some viewers may find difficult. Please practice self-care before deciding to view this stream.

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Dungeon Master – Sean – @odo_sean on Twitter & Instagram
Scarlette played by Shannon – @sroby25 on Twitter & Instagram
Wizwick played by Clayton – @Clay_Construct on Twitter
Ceuran played by Stefon – @thestefinator on Twitter
Timber played by Alex

Music/Ambience from Soundstripe, Syrinscape, Musicbed, and TabletopAudio
Art by Eddie Yorke @eddieyorke on Twitter & Instagram – eyorke.com

Twitter: g
Instagram: g
Twitch: g

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