What Even is Stoat?

IGN: Stoat
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Stoat Facts!
Stoats may be small animals, but this doesn’t
stop them from being energetic and ambitious
predators across a wide geographic range which includes
large swaths of Nuia, Auroria, and especially Haranya.

Stoats adapt to winter months by donning a distinctive white coat,
which has long been known as the luxurious ermine material.
100 percent fuzziest in all of Erenor.
They also have high invasive potential when introduced to new environments
and can decimate native populations of Dwarves, Elves, and even Nuian Species.

The name stoat comes from an old Firran word that means “bold” or “pushy,”
which is an apt description for these aggressive carnivores.
Stoats are voracious and aggressive predators that can seriously damage
new environments that they invade.

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