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Whisper & Stuart, the stoat kits I’ve been caring for, have taken the next step towards a life in the wild. At 9 weeks old they were climbing, fighting, and playing with increasing confidence – an indication that they were ready for this next adventure – and so this week I moved them to a new outdoor enclosure!

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Catching the stoats

Catching them wasn’t easy. Stuart, who has had minimal contact with me since he arrived here, hid under a blanket. Watch this short film to see the trouble I had coaxing him out!

New stoat enclosure

The new enclosure has branches and a drystone wall for these young kits to explore. It also has a warm, cosy, nest rigged with cameras so that I will be able to watch their progress from my art studio. From now on the plan is to get them to become more ‘stoat’ and less ‘human’ and so I intend to be as hands-off as possible.

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