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I have now released the two rescued stoat kits Whipser and Stuart. Watch them take their first steps in the wild.

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Stoat kits staged release

It was important to stagger the release of the stoat kits to ensure they were confident and safe at each step of their journey to freedom. So after placing the two stoat kits in an outdoor enclosure I then opened up a grill connecting to some underground tunnels originally built for badgers and rigged with cameras.

Stoat kits first move to unused badger sett

Stuart was the first to venture into this badger sett and I was able to watch via my hidden cameras as Whisper then followed. They spent a few days exploring every nook and cranny of this set before I then opened up the grill that separated them from the outside world.

Stoat kits’ first steps in the wild

It wasn’t until it was just getting dark before I saw a tiny stoat kit nose peeking out from the entrance. This was Stuart again. He was very cautious as he sniffed at the wider world outside and it was some time before Whisper joined him.

Stoat kits’ first day in the wild

The stoat kits spent the next few days exploring the rest of my Yorkshire garden but they still sheltered in the badger sett and would dash back whenever they sense danger.

Stoat rehabilitation now compelte

Whisper and Stuart have now been living wild and free for a week. It’s been an amazing experience watching these two stoats grow from when they were tiny kits, their eyes barely open, to the confident creatures they are now. I look forward to catching up with them on the cameras in my garden.

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