Wild Weasels Strike SA-10 | DCS Cinematic

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This is an F/A-18C Wild Weasel mission flown deep behind enemy lines to defeat an enemy S-300 (SA-10) SAM battery, protected by an SA-19, SA-6s and SA-8s with other threats around the front line.

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My system specs:
VR Headset: HP Reverb G2
Trackir 5
HP Z38C 38″ Widescreen monitor
AMD 3950X OC @ 4.3GHz
Nvidia RTX 3090
2TB M.2 EVO 970 SSD
HOTAS Thrustmaster Warthog + F/A-18 Grip
Virpil T-50CM3 Throttle
Thrustmaster Pendular Pedals

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