Young Ferret Gains Her Confidence – Going After Rabbits Solo – Sunrise Ferreting 21

A young ferret takes the leap and tackles rabbits by herself for the first time.

I decided to try Leto by herself, so she had to do all the work alone. She has learnt from and relied upon an experienced ferret until now. As we can see, Letos confidence builds gradually over time, and the pressure builds upon the rabbit. For many minutes, the rabbit thought it could evade the inexperienced attacker, in the hopes it would leave through fear/boredom. I’m glad to see Leto sticks to her job until the end.

After I catch a rabbit, I squeeze its bladder to clear the urine. Urine can taint the meat. I also have to be careful when gutting the rabbits, as a broken intestine can also leave meat unsuitable for human consumption.

I always make sure my purse nets are packed away neatly, as setting up can be be frustrating with tangled nets. It’s best to make sure no debris or twigs are caught in the nets.



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These rabbits are collected for food, for my ferrets and people. This is a free range meat, that has lived a free life. These rabbits will be controlled even without me. By taking them myself, the meat is used. Ferreting is an environmentally friendly method of rabbit control.

Rabbit control and the law —


For Youtube Review – This video is edited in a self explanatory way for all languages to understand. People under the age of 18 also practise ferreting and I aim to set a mature example. Contact between the animals is brief and is not the focus of the video. Rabbit dispatches are not shown. No blood or gore is present.

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