15 Merciless Weasel And Mink Attacks Caught On Camera

Minks and weasels are highly aggressive creatures. They have a habit of killing prey much bigger than themselves and usually, they kill more than they can eat. Whether you’ve seen a mink or a weasel in action, you can’t miss this, so let’s get started.

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Mink Attack Snake

Onlookers saw a mink run across the road ahead of them as they walked down a country road. The mink had cornered what appeared to be a Northern Water snake, about 24 inches long, by the time they approached it. They watched as the mink chewed on the snake’s tail and then went under the water snake to get to the head. The snake was killed by the mink after repeated attempts to pull it out from under a rock, but by then, the snake’s body was firmly stuck between the rocks. The mink looked at them every now and then but quickly returned to his task.

A woman and her eleven-year-old daughter were hiking with their dog at a State Wildlife Management area near their home when the daughter reported seeing something move in the grass. So, with her new camera, she was able to capture something unique, whether on a nature trail or not. It just goes to show that perseverance and patience pay off! A mink had snatched a snake and it wasn’t a small snake, but the mink was pulling the snake towards it and attacking it until the snake was no longer alive. It looks like this snake slithered into enemy territory, and after being spotted by a feisty weasel, the snake can kiss his life goodbye, unless a miracle happens.

Mink Attacks Swan

This mink surprises a swan when it goes directly for the bird’s head. The swan flaps its wings and jumps all over the place to dispatch the mink and it works. The mink is not able to hold on to the swan and will have to look for some other animal to pester on this day. Swans are tough birds, but I guess this mink didn’t get the memo before attacking the bird in the water. This is a vicious fight, but the swan is a big bird, and the mink couldn’t overpower it. You must give kudos to the mink for trying though. The cameraman stated that he followed the swan for three days after the incident to make sure he was okay and on the third, he could tell the swan and recuperated from the fight and was eating and going through his usual daily routine. Imagine, a small animal like the mink beat up a swan, it needed three days to recuperate. This mink is all over this swan, and as much as the big bird tries to escape, he’s unable to. The mink is relentless and eventually pushes the swan into exhaustion to finish it off.

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