Can you Guess these 4 ARCTIC ❄️ Animals? #animals #quiz #facts

Here are 15 animals that live in the tundra:

Arctic Fox: A small mammal with thick fur that changes color with the seasons for camouflage.

Caribou (Reindeer): Herbivores that migrate across the tundra in large herds.

Musk Ox: Large, shaggy herbivores with thick coats and curved horns.

Snowy Owl: A large, white owl adapted to hunting in snowy conditions.

Arctic Hare: A hare with thick white fur that provides insulation and camouflage.

Polar Bear: The largest land carnivore, primarily found on the Arctic tundra and sea ice.

Lemmings: Small rodents that are a crucial food source for many Arctic predators.

Arctic Wolf: A subspecies of the gray wolf adapted to the harsh tundra environment.

Ptarmigan: A bird that changes color from brown in the summer to white in the winter.

Grizzly Bear: Found in the tundra regions of Alaska and Canada, especially in coastal areas.

Ermine (Stoat): A small mammal that changes its coat color from brown in summer to white in winter.

Tundra Swan: A large migratory bird that breeds in the Arctic tundra.

Brown Lemming: A small rodent that burrows in the tundra and is important in the food web.

Walrus: Found in coastal tundra regions and the surrounding icy waters.

Beluga Whale: A white whale found in Arctic and sub-Arctic waters, often near the tundra coastlines.

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