DCS Wild Weasels! Early look at the ‘First In – Weasels Over Syria’ Campaign

An early preview of the in-development ‘First In – Weasels Over Syria’ campaign for the DCS World F-16 Viper.

In development by Ground Pounder Sims, this epic campaign will place you in the cockpit of the mighty F-16 Viper as you fill the shoes of a Wild Weasel pilot during the Operation Cerberus North storyline.

First In – Weasels Over Syria aims to set a new standard for DCS single player content, blending a thrilling story driven narrative with the custom designed ‘Weasel System’ that will allow more dynamic and emergent game-play. This approach will allow the player to immerse themselves in the role of the Wild Weasel as they learn and develop the tactics to allow them to survive this deadly mission set.

In this video I will discuss the design approach behind the campaign, how I will bring the dynamic game-play ambitions to life and preview part of an early campaign mission.

The campaign is slated for completion in the second half of 2023.

Mission 1 of the campaign is now available as a demo from the Ground Pounder Sims Discord:


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