Ferret Pursuit – Sunrise Ferreting 14

Apollo the ferret, in the best of moods, chasing rabbits for his supper.

As you can see by the crusted over eyes of the first rabbit caught (once Apollo lets me show it), it is infected with the myxoma virus. Myxomatosis was discovered in South America during the late 1800’s. It was intentionally introduced into Australia in 1950 in an attempt to control the problematic rabbit population. Two years later the disease was introduced into France and found it’s way into Britain a short while after. It’s unknown whether it was intentionally introduced into the UK, but once in the country, it was certainly encouraged to spread.

Allowing the ferret to see the rabbit after it’s dispatched will encourage the ferret to go back to ground. Otherwise they may keep searching for it. I give Apollo lots of time here.



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These rabbits are collected for food, for my ferrets and people. This is a free range meat, that has lived a free life. These rabbits will be controlled even without me. By taking them myself, the meat is used. Ferreting is an environmentally friendly method of harvesting free range meat.

Rabbit control and the law – s

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