Is He Sad? Emotional: Breakup Ferrets Story. 💔Cinnamon & Sassy

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Cute and Adorable Ferrets, Cinnamon and Sassy in playful situations.

Animals and pets playing with toy, eating, sleeping.

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Translation for ferret:
– Fretka – Polish,
– hurón – Spanish,
– хорек – Russian,
– 가는 리본 – Korean
– フェレット – Japanese
– furão – Portuguese
– Frettchen – German,
– furet – French,
– furetto – Italian,
– chồn hôi – Vietnamese
– fretti – Finnish,
– 雪貂 – Chinese
– dağ gelinciği – Turkish
– भगाना – Hindi
– فیریٹ – Urdu

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