North American Mink Hunting Chickens, What Takes a Chicken’s head off? This does!

In this video you will see a Male North American Mink as he attempts to re-enter a coop that he made his way into the night before.

I want to give a shout-out to the true Mink-Master @JosephCartertheMinkMan , who has helped me properly identify mink in the past. He’s firmly at the top of my list for all things Mink-related. Visit his channel and you’ll be impressed, I promise.

My wife found three dead chickens inside, one had her head chewed open from the back, the other two had their heads completely removed and eaten.

It was clear that the mink had made an entry hole where the boards had begun to degrade.

Raccoons will also eat the heads off of chickens, but the hole was too small.

Owls will also take the heads of chickens, but they also don’t move in through sidewalls.

That left the mink as the potential predator, so I posted four motion-activated cameras around the coop so we could confirm two things.
One, that it was indeed a mink.

Two, that the repair to the coop was successful in deterring re-entry.

All hens were safe this time around.

I hope you found this entertaining and informative.

Like a skunk, maybe worse, a mink can empty his anal glands when distressed and you may favor the smell of a skunk over mink musk. Seriously a nauseating scent from mink anal glands… avoid.
Food for thought…

For those who want to see how my chicken coops are outfitted, here is a video I made when I first constructed these. o

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