Scaring Disney’s Henchmen with Pig Driver in Prince and the Pauper 1990 and Fidget the Bat as Leader

Captain Pig Queen of Hearts Professor Ratigan Gaston as Leader and Henchmen’s Creeper, Vitani the Lion Cub, Hyenas – Shenzi Banzai & Ed, Pain & Panic, Weasels – First and Second, Cruella de Vil’s Gang Jasper and Horace, Lonesome Ghost, Iago, Fidget the Bat, Queen of Heart’s Sir of Hearts and All Playing Card, Dirty Rat, Beagle Boys, Sir Hun Stines Henchmen with Axe the Rooster and Sheriff Pig Tusks with Reformed Antagonists Pig Driver with Death, Pig Driver with Wagon in in Prince and the Pauper 1990, Joanna the Goanna, Doberman – Roscoe & Desoto, Sir Hiss and Prince John’s Gang, Ratcliffe’s Gang, Jafar’s Cronie, Fearsome 4 – Megavolt Bushroot Liquidator and Quackerjack, Maleficent’s Goon, Captain Hook’s Pirates, Lucifer Lawrence Lefou and Gaston’s Cronies, Alameda Slim’s Gang Rico and The Willie Brothers, 4 other Colonials in Ben and me, Siamese Cats – Tin Alley & Pan, and Three Little Wolves – Claveles Knife and Carving and Him All Minions (Version)

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