The Forgotten History of Ferrets

Ever wonder why ferrets were domesticated and what they can do today? Their history is a lot more impressive than you might think and they just might be responsible for saving the life of someone you know…

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Additional disclaimer for this video: The way I am holding Wheatley to show his teeth is called “scruffing.” It doesn’t hurt, but it temporarily causes a ferret to go limp. It’s commonly used as a discipline technique, but I’ve never used it that way – I’ve only ever used it while grooming, so he does not see it at a punishment and it is completely safe. During the bath, when he is on his back, he is free to turn over whenever he wants – I’m not holding him in position. We have developed a relationship of trust over the years and he will often fall asleep in that position. I would never do anything to intentionally hurt my ferret.

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