The Stand by Stephen King – Part 5- Audiobook

An extremely contagious and lethal strain of influenza, resistant to antibodies and vaccines, is developed as a biological weapon within a secret Department of Defense installation in the Mojave Desert, and is accidentally released. The book’s extended edition includes a prologue detailing the development of the virus and the security breach that causes its release. The laboratory staff die, but security guard Charles Campion manages to escape and takes his family out of state. After a couple of days, his car crashes at a gas station in Arnette, Texas. The gas station employees and ambulance workers are infected when they take the dying Campion out of his car and to a hospital. The gas station owner infects his cousin, a traffic cop, and the virus rapidly spreads uncontrollably from there.

The United States Army attempts to isolate Arnette, going as far as to execute unarmed civilians, but the efforts are in vain – the virus, christened by journalists as the “superflu” or “Captain Trips”, spreads across the country and travels beyond its borders, triggering a global pandemic of apocalyptic proportions. Approximately 99.4% of the world’s population is infected and killed within a month. A prism of several personal tragedies describes the collapse of society, explosions of violence, the inability of the government and martial law to stop the pandemic, and the near-extinction of humanity. Many survivors of the virus also die, unable to accept the loss of their loved ones or survive in a world where they must fend for themselves.

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