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Weasel decides to try and steal the plans for the Mechanicals, so he can build a Mechanical of his own. So he sends Sly in to distract Gecko, and sneaks over to the plans. But thanks to Red Mechanical, Weasel gets more than he bargained for. Gecko then fixes Sly, never noticing there was a problem.

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Gecko’s Garage is a big truck cartoon series for children all about fixing trucks and vehicles, including monster trucks, buses, ambulances, construction trucks and lorries.

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00:00 Weasel Plan Thief
02:17 Green Saves the Tree
04:22 Bedtime Repairs
06:30 Weasel Wash Gone Wrong
08:36 Rainy Day Emergency
10:38 Gecko is Sleepwalking
12:48 Rainbow Mechanicals Hide and Seek
14:57 Soft Play Boo Boo Recycle
17:05 Gecko Saves Christmas
19:47 Tractor Trouble
21:46 Mindful Mechanicals
23:54 Car Wash Capers
26:10 Frozen Lake
28:19 Sleepy Mechanicals
30:25 Bobby the Bus Goes Electric
32:34 Bouncy Monster Truck
34:36 Monster Truck Make Over
36:35 Muddy Mountain Helicopter Rescue
38:42 Balloon Tyres
40:51 Super Mechanical
42:48 The Dump Truck Slide
45:01 Smoky Day Clean Up
47:17 The Big Race
49:17 Rocket Powered Ice Cream Truck
51:23 Bobby The Bus Is Sick
53:29 Baby Truck Monster Truck Mix Up
55:35 Bobby’s Broken Windscreen
57:34 Gecko is Frozen
59:32 Weasel’s Wheels
01:01:42 Monster Truck Rescue

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