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Weasels of India: There are 5 species of Weasels in India, and the state-wise details are as follows,
Kashmir – Siberian Weasel
Ladakh – Mountain Weasel
Sikkim – Siberian Weasel
West Bengal – Yellow Bellied Weasel
Himalayas – Yellow Bellied Weasel
Himalayas (Alpine Region) – Short Tailed Weasel
Western Himalayas – Siberian Weasel
North East India – Stripe Backed Weasel, Yellow Bellied Weasel

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5 species of weasels are found in India.
00:15 Mountain Weasel

The summer coat of Mountain Weasel consists of gray-brown fur with some light yellow, while the winter fur is more of a dark yellow with some brown. In both coats, the underbelly is pale yellow to creamy white. They are found in the higher altitudes of Ladakh.

00:49 Short Tailed Weasel
They are found in the Alpine region of the Himalayas. They have a very light, straw-brownish or greyish coat and a short black tipped tail.

01:23 Siberian Weasel
Found in Sikkim, Kashmir and the Western Himalayas. They have a dark, coffee-brown mask present on their face. The lips and chin are white and the front of the muzzle is darker than the remaining parts of the head.

01:55 Stripe Backed Weasel
Also known as the back-striped weasel is found in the North East of India. They have a narrow, silvery dorsal streak extending from back of the head to base of the tail.

02:37 Yellow Bellied Weasel
They are found in the Himalayas, West Bengal and North East of India. They have a yellow underbelly, upperside of the body and tail are dark brown.

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