What’s going on with The Stoat? | Inscryption | Part 2

What’s going on with the Stoat? | Inscryption | Part 2

The Stote is changing… but why? What’s going on with The Stoat? Find out in part 2 of Inscryption!

Anyway, welcome to Inscryption, a card game with high stakes! You play against some dude who hides in the shadows and battle creatures until one of you wins. There’s also a tabletop element to this game, as you traverse a forest and meet challenges and obstacles! In this episode we traverse an unforgiving forest, on our way to meet The Prospector so that Rickety can tear him a new one!… or… have a new one torn into Rickety… you’ll have to watch until the end to find out!

inscryption is a horror card game that I, Rickety, am doing a playthrough of. The inscryption ost is actually quite beautiful, considering the horror game that it is. We will be trying to get through inscryption all endings throughout this gameplay, so if you were looking for some inscryption tips then just take now of what I do and do the opposite! At the end I will be giving my inscryption review, my impression of the game as a whole. This is not an inscryption guide, but rather an inscryption blind playthrough. If you were looking for inscryption gameplay no commentary, you have come to the wrong place…

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