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I was just preparing Whisper the stoat kit I am hand rearing for a life in the wild and had got so far as adding branches to her enclosure for her to learn to climb up when I was contacted by some people in Norfolk who had a kit the same age as Whisper that needed rehabilitating.

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New rescue stoat

This was excellent news. In the wild stoats grow up in litters of seven or eight kits. They learn how to fight and hunt through play and so I knew that it would do both stoat kits the world of good to have one another for company.

So, after a lot of driving, I got the new stoat kit here. The people in Norfolk who rescued the kit had named it Stuart, but it turned out to be a female. Still both kits are exactly the same age and size and so she is an ideal friend for Whisper.

Whisper & Stuart meet

It’s important to remember that when both kits were rescued their eyes were still shut and so neither had seen another stoat before. I carried Stuart(a) over to Whisper’s enclosure in a hat that the people who rescued her had given her to sleep in so that she felt safe and at home.

At first, both were wary and Whisper, who you will remember I named because she was so quiet, was particularly vocal, squeaking in alarm at what she at first took to be an intruder. But within in half an hour the two stoat kits had settled down to play.

Stoat friends

It’s been wonderful to watch them play hide and seek and chase each other through toilet rolls and into one another’s safety hats and socks. With each other for company and to learn from, they both stand a much better chance in the wild. This is so much better than me trying to play with Whisper, throwing teddy bears and toilet rolls for her to chase!

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