Wild America (1990) | S4 E9 ‘Weasels Sleek and Savage Part 1’ | Full Episode | FANGS

🟠 Title: Wild America ‘Weasels Sleek and Savage Part 1’
🟠 Summary: The many members of the Weasel Family are known for their luxurious fur and for their often-aggressive dispositions. While the Sea and River Otters are highly playful, the Wolverine, Badger and Mink are fierce hunters which rarely back down and run. This unique family also includes smelly Skunks, arboreal Marten and Fisher, and rare Black-footed Ferret.

Directed by: Marty Stouffer
Writing Credits: Mary Finley
Cast: Marty Stouffer
Year Released: 1990

🟠 Rating: TV-MA


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