Cattyshack Wayne’s giant ferrets bolt rabbits

Wayne Martin brings his ferrets for a day out with the South Somerset Ferreters. Where Jaf and the gang in Somerset favour small ferrets, Wayne’s animals are household pets and – says Jaf – the size of small labradors. It’s Wayne’s ferrets’ first outing on rabbits. See how they get on, from Ferretfinder collar fitting to bolting the bunnies.

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Why catch rabbits?
Rabbit shooting and ferreting is a legal activity in line with UK animal welfare laws. They are designed to remove rabbits, cute but a major pest, from agricultural land, where they dig up ground causing hazards to livestock and they damage crops. Both ferreting and shooting are more selective than the alternative, poisoning rabbits. Rabbit hunting is also social, involving groups of ferret owners or shooters, who go out at weekends and have little or no representation in other media. Plus rabbit meat is lean, healthy and local sourced. Give it a try.

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▶ Ensure a humane, clean and quick kill

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