Why Ferrets are Best : Pros of Ferrets as Pets

Any idea why ferrets are best for so many people?!
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In this video, I list all the top reasons ferrets make great pets (aka the Pros of Ferrets). I touch on ferret care, ferrets as pets in general, and basic ferret information. I also answer questions like β€˜are ferrets good pets?’.

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Ferret Communities:
Ferrets for Life (on Facebook)
Ferret Owners (on Facebook)


0:00 – Introduction
0:48 – Ferrets are SO CUTE
1:13 – Ferrets are Intelligent
2:37 – Ferrets Cuddle
3:36 – Ferrets Have Different Personalities
5:40 – Ferrets and Mental Health
7:06 – Ferrets Don’t Need Much Space
7:48 – Ferrets are Quiet
8:34 – Ferrets and Other Pets
9:04 – Ferrets DONT Smell THAT Bad
9:50 – Ferrets Lifespan
10:27 – Ferret Community
11:11 – Ferret Meetups!
11:34 – Ferret Shows!!!
11:48 – Conclusion
12:16 – Upcoming Cons of Ferrets

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